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Tony Cox

The bonus video accompanying the sales of Tony’s book is incredible, classic archive footage from an iconic past performance. Filmed by the amazing Paul Mills and beautifully recorded by Elijah Madiba at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival of 2009, the footage lay completely forgotten in Tony’s basement for
ten years!

The audio of this concert was made into Tony’s Audient album and because he had a number of projects on
the go at that time, the video footage was stored and eventually forgotten. The video makes for a
perfect companion to the release of Tony’s book and will delight Cox aficionados and newcomers alike. These are the songs in their order of appearance, the songs in bold can be found in the book.

Bush Telegraph - Baby Thuli Boogie - Hummingbird - New Life Train - Baby Elephant Walk
A Warm Day in Maputo - Kwe Kwe - Jambanja - Lady Madonna - You Asked For It - Smudge’s Boogie

*The book’s promo video below contains clips from the video, have a look…*

YouTube link HERE


Tony Cox 2019