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Tony Cox

Hi everyone,

The incredible thing is, I have published a book! It's a music book like no other in that it is not simply music notation on white pages. I wanted to get right away from that widely accepted norm and put together a book of my scores that breathes colour and light to the person reading the music or just paging through the book.

For a very long time in my life, drawing and graphic art and later, a love of photography have been my favourite pass-time. Later, the evolution into digital art went hand in hand with my music career. Very useful when there was no budget to hire a designer.

So in my book Fingerstyle for Africa, you'll find perfectly laid out scores, each prefaced with a description of just how the piece came about. Just below that are hints and tips for the guitarist about to read the score. On the same page is the album where you can find that particular tune, a link to the song on the internet and a QR code which if scanned, will open the song directly in your browser. The last page of each score is given over to a piece of art that I think fits the piece of music. I hope too that a non-musician, leafing through this book will find it appealing.

I asked one of the world's greatest guitar players, UK-based, Jon Gomm, who has millions of YouTube hits, to look at the book and perhaps write me a foreword if he thought the book had any worth. Jon made his way through the scores while I waited, with a little anxiety I must say. People have very different tastes in music and in art, so I was relieved when he sent me his foreword. This is some of what he said…

‘His music is stunning. Altogether, the book is a transportative experience’ - Jon Gomm

A big and deep heartfelt thanks to all you out there who helped me bring this book to life. It’s one of the dreams come true…tc

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