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Tony Cox

Tony Cox’s Fingerstyle for Africa is an extraordinary book; a book of music like no other. Containing fifteen of Tony’s finger-shredding scores for the acoustic guitar, nestled in among pieces of his graphic art, guitarist and non-guitarist alike will find hours of pleasure within its pages. World renown UK guitarist Jon Gomm, who spent a few weeks diving into the book says,

‘His music is stunning. Altogether a transportative experience’

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Listen to a selection of Tony’s music. These tracks not only display Tony’s incendiary guitar playing but also his great sensitivity and love for a gentle ballad.

Player-Inspire is a joint mentoring-initiative founded by Anthony Just and guitar-maestro Tony Cox, based in both the Western Cape of South Africa, and Palma de Mallorca in Spain. It is a drive to promote and inspire proficiency, performance-excellence, and opportunity for

aspiring Southern African musicians and performers, both at home and on the international scene, particularly aimed at those who do not have access to a musical education.

In addition, this initiative aims to create a firmly entrenched sustainable and ongoing career revenue-stream for both up-and-coming, and already well-established artists and performers in music. Player Inspire embraces and supports organizations and companies that are committed

to providing and promoting fair reward to musicians for composition, performance, and

re-play rights and copyright.

Promoting Roots Music for the Modern Age

Player Inspire

Anthony Just - Tony Cox

Kalk Bay - Johannesburg - Palma de Mallorca

*A percentage of the sales of this book will go toward the buying of manuscript books, capos, tuners, music stands and new guitar strings for my Masithandane children's guitar class. They will be over the moon. My classes there are part of the Player Inspire initiative of giving your skills freely to those who cannot easily access these skills*

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Tony Cox 2019 Tony’s Book for Guitarists Buy the Book Buy the e-book NEW RELEASE! THE WORLD WENT QUIET

**Read a review by David Kramer HERE**

And so it is done folks. I started the very first recordings when I was still in South Africa last October 2020. Then we had to pack up our lives and move during a pandemic to a new country. Settling in took some time, not to mention all my recording gear was on a ship slowly making its way to the UK. I finally got to set it all up again in late March and have been plugging away at it since then. I finished the mixes just a few days ago and I'm excited to have you guys listen to the results.

This album has become very special to me because of the times we are all living through and the fact that the last time I recorded and engineered an album completely by myself, it was 1984! The title, 'The World Went Quiet', says it all and that thread runs right through the album. There are three songs on the album with my daughter Thuli adding her vocals to one of them, the hard-hitting, anti-GBV song, 'One and Only'. The other two songs are a song about love and immigrants titled, 'Bathed in Blue' and set to a very serious groove. Also a tongue-in-cheek country love song, 'I Meant To Put A Heart', a humorous critique on male machismo. All the other tracks are instrumentals with titles like 'Elephant Stomp', 'TauBoy My CowBoy', 'Sho' Left', 'Empty Dance Hall', 'Never Forgotten' and the title track, 'The World Went Quiet', all of which I hope invoke a variety of emotion within you.

There are a number of ways and formats you can buy hardcopy and downloads, all listed on the buttons at the bottom of this text. The flashdrive option comes with a bonus of extra TC albums and video. If none of those agree with you, you can buy directly from me by first mailing me at tonycoxacoustic@gmail.com and I will sort you out.

An excellent download site is: https://tonycox.bandcamp.com

Buy Hardcopy SA Buy Hardcopy UK Buy Hardcopy USA Buy Hardcopy DE Buy Flashdrive USA Buy Flashdrive DE Buy Flashdrive SA Buy Flashdrive UK Scroll down to MUSIC to hear 4 tracks from the album - One and Only - Elephant Stomp - Empty Dance Hall - Bathed in Blue If you are not from one of these countries write to Tony at tonycoxacoustic@gmail.com and he will sort it out for you